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Why Catholic?

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Why Catholic?

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"Why Catholic ?" is a programme of directed reflection designed to increase our knowledge
and understanding of our faith.


Relevant to people of all age groups who can make their own travel arrangements.


The programme is divided into 2 sessions of 6 weeks each.
The first session runs during Lent.
The second session starts in mid September
Session dates are not prescribed.
Groups are formed according to participants' preferred day and time
Each session last for 90 minutes.


Venues are selected to suit participants' requirements.


Participants form groups of, ideally, between 6 and 10.
Each session consists of prayer, learning, sharing,
mutual support and deciding on a positive action.
Learning is achieved by reading a passage from the Bible,
both New and Old Testaments.
Participants are invited to share how they measure up to the teaching.
The group leader is a facilitator and never teaches or interprets the Bible.