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St Vincent de Paul

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About St Vincent de Paul

Run almost entirely by volunteers, the St Vincent de Paul Society is a worldwide organisation of lay Catholics who want to express their faith through service to the poor.
The Society has been operating in South Africa since 1856.
Every day, our 2500 members and volunteers reach out to vulnerable and marginalized people in their local community.
We aim to provide a hand up, not just a hand out, while respecting their dignity.
At the core of our work are over 200 parish committees – we call them 'Conferences'.
These are groups of members from all walks of life who join together to relieve suffering and promote human dignity amongst the less privileged members of our community.
The Conference enables us to do together what we could never do alone.
We visit people in their homes, meeting them face-to-face and getting to know them personally.
We see their circumstances, meet their families, and gain an understanding of their problems and how we can best help them.

Help may be:

  • material (food, clothing, furniture);
  • social (isolation, violence, loneliness);
  • emotional (physical/mental health, substance abuse);
  • personal (migration, refugees, missing persons).

We do not have the resources or expertise to meet every need. We do what we can.
When appropriate, we refer people to other community groups and services in the area.
We rely on contributions of cash and kind from other caring people – who allow us to be their hands – carrying comfort,
compassion and practical help to those most in need.


In serving our community, St Vincent de Paul Rosebank may,
on the rare occasion, require the services of a medical doctor
(G.P.) and clinical psychologist. Should you,
as a parish member, be able to offer such skills
(on an appointment and pro bono basis to suit
your availability), please contact: Tendo on 083 601 2601.