Rosebank Catholic Church



Genesis Genesis is the young adults' group at Rosebank Catholic Church. Genesis operates on an events basis and meets frequently for a wide variety of activities.

Genesis is based on three key areas:
Spiritual Development - events and sessions aimed at helping us to grow as Catholics and deepen our faith. Events consist of 2 components:
     Open sessions - bi-monthly q&a sessions
     Theology - bi-monthly talks on various topics
     Practical prayer - weekly prayer group
Social - fun activities aimed at meeting new people and spending time with our Catholic friends. Genesis Social hosts two events per month: a monthly catch-up (known as Terrific Tuesday) and something random.
Service/Outreach - reaching out to our community. Service events include monthly sandwich making and ad hoc visits to NGOs and fundraising for charity.

FreshGen is a subdivision of Genesis which hosts social activities for the 18-24 year-olds among us (of course, FreshGen members are welcome at all Genesis events).

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